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   Pride-2014 : Time to be yourself! This is the slogan of the 13th Moldovan LGBT Pride Festival “Rainbow over the Dniester” taking place in Chișinău between 13 and 18 May 2014
This year, the Pride Festival lasts for 6 days full of different activities but united under a common slogan. The festival organisers will turn to the LGBT community, as well as the generul public, with the appeal to be themselves. “Enough with the bigotry and hypocrisy, enough with fears, prejudices and stereotypes. It is time to come out of the closet and, without hiding one’s true self, to live in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. In other words, it is time to be you, to be happy,” says the Chairman of the GENDERDOC-M Information Centre Alexei Marciciov.
   Lobby & Advocacy : website helps LGBT youth find hope, gain strength and courage for coming out
At the beginning of February, GENDERDODC-M celebrated the first anniversary of the Its Gets Better – Project among friends in the Spălătorie Bar. The project was officially launched on 5 February 2013.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Law works: Announcement on non-provision of web design services to LGBT organisations found discriminatory
The debate over and subsequent adoption of the Law on Ensuring Equality provoked a lot of disputes and quarrels. However, its implementation will continue “exploding” Moldovan society gradually changing the approach and mere understanding of tolerance.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Psychologist Svetlana Clivadă: Such trainings help teachers and psychologists to work with LGBT adolescents
At the end of January, in the auditorium of Centru Prefecture of Chișinău, with the concent of the District Board of Education, was held a seminar for teachers and psychologists from schools, childrens’s centres and organisations on the topic “Important aspects of works with LGBT adolescents”.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Anti-bullying lessons in Moldova reveal need of tolerance education in schools
According to different estimations, up to 48% of school students have been subjected to such phenomenon known in the United States as bullying, in Europe as mobbing, and in Russia as hounding. For the reasons of bullying can vary, trainings on the prevention of bullying are held in educational institutions mostly by non-governmental organisations. The GENDERDOC-M Information Centre staff have also taken part in the world-wide campaign on the prevention of bullying in schools.
   Activities : General Assembly of GENDERDOC-M members gave high appreciation of Centre’s work
On 25 January 2014, in a conference room of the Flowers Hotel took place the annual general assembly of the GENDERDOC-M Information Centre’s members, which summed up the past year and outlined activities for the new one.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Decision to overturn homosexual propaganda ban welcomed
ARTICLE 19 and GENDERDOC-M welcome the decision by Moldovan MP's on 11 October to overturn a law banning the promotion of non-traditional relationships. The move comes a month ahead of a European Union summit in Lithuania, at which Moldova hopes to sign an Association Agreement, as it attempts to progress towards EU membership.
   Lobby & Advocacy : For the first time, court ruled sexual orientation does not prevent person from being good parent
At the beginning of October, the Supreme Court of Justice put the full stop in yet another trial initiated by the lawyer Doina Ioana Străisteanu together with the GENDERDOC-M Information Centre upon the request of one of the beneficiaries. This time, Moldovan justices have shown they are capable of applying laws impartially – regardless of of plaintiffs and defendants sexual orientations. After several years of trying in different-level instances, the supreme court ruled that a mother’s sexual orientation could not be a reason for depriving her of the custody of the child.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Lawyers improve their skills
Recently, the GENDERDOC-M Information Centre has held a seminar for 11 lawyers entitled “Legal counseling and strategic litigation”. The seminar was conducted by the lawyer and expert in human rights, Doina Ioanna Străisteanu, and the Centre’s Lobby and Advocacy Program Coordinator, Angela Frolov.
   Lobby & Advocacy : The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
Friday, 27 September, on the “independent information portal” NOI.MD, journalist Xenia Florea published an article under the intriguing title “What the draft Law on Housing has in common with the Law on Ensuring Equality?” This material has a no less provocative tagline: “Social housing for… gays?” However, don’t rush to read it, because you won’t find answers to Xenia’s questions in the article. It tells about the conclusions of the draft Law on Housing which also expands on social housing.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Camp for LGBs as attempt to look at the surrounding world differently
On 21-22 September, GENDERDOC-M Information Centre conducted an educational camp on stereotypes, prejudices, stigma and social diversity for lesbians, gays and bisexuals. The activists believe such topic is important for LGB groups because GENDERDOC-M beneficiaries will be able to look at the surrounding world and themselves differently by learning how to “repudiate” their own stereotypes and prejudices.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Non-formal methods of GENDERDOC-M’s work in HIV prevention among elderly gays
Yesterday, beneficiaries of the third age, members of the support group maintained by GENDERDOC-M, went on a field trip outside Chişinău to familiarize themselves with the cultural heritage of our ancestors and open new pages in the book of the land’s history by visiting monasteries and churches of Moldova.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Metropolitan Vladimir: Provocative declarations by some churchmen do not represent Church’s official position
Church must promote the idea of peace in society and must be less aggressive. This declaration was made by the President of the Republic of Moldova Nicolae Timofti during the meeting with Metropolitan Vladimir, communicates
   Lobby & Advocacy : Chişinău district Judge Ludmila Ouş estimated threat to life and health of LGBT people at 100 Moldovan lei
In the middle of June, a Chişinău district court delivered judgement on the claim submitted bz GENDERDOC-M Information Centre, Angela Frolov and Artiom Zavadovschi against Fiodor Ghelici and My Moldova Association, where claimants demanded from the defendant public aplogies for hate speech, incitement to discrimination and violence against homosexuals. Judge Ludmila Ouş, who examined the case, satisfied the claim but… partly.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Winner of 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Meets with Moldovan LGBT Activists
Friday, 14 June, marked one of the most memorable meetings for two GENDERDOC-M Information Centre staff members. The Executive Director Anastasia Danilova and Lobby and Advocacy Program Assistant Artiom Zavadovschi held a meeting with one of the brightest winners of Eurovision Song Contest for the past several years – Swedish artist Loreen. Having arrived in the capital city of Moldova only for a few hours to play a concert in one of Chişinău vlubs, the world celebrity found some free time in her tight schedule to talk to Moldovan LGBT activists.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Moldovan LGBT activists picketed Russian Embassy in Chişinău
Today, on Russia Day, GENDERDOC-M Information Centre staffers held a small but noisy protest action in front of the Russian Embassy in Chişinău. They expressed their indignation towards yesterday’s adoption of the bill banning so-called “gay propaganda” among minors by the Russian State Duma. Besides holding the rainbow flag and a “Country where fascism has won” poster, which they brought with them, they were chanting “Shame on Russia!” and “LGBT rights are human rights!”
   Lobby & Advocacy : The Right to Be Human
Last week, the 12th LGBT Pride Festival “Rainbow over the Dniester” and events dedicated to the International Day against homophobia took place. On the eve of activities, some mass media outlets and journalists from the number of those, who had previously been more gay-friendly than unfriendly, suddenly burst with explicitly homophobic articles. This “wind of change” has a rather materialistic explanation – the trend within the internal policy, as well as those who command the music in mass media, has changed. As a result, opinions of some of my colleagues, who received stipends and awards for loyalty, have changed dramatically.
   Pride-2013 : March “LGBT for Traditional Values” successfully occurred in Moldova
Today, 19 May, for the first time in the history of Moldovan LGBT movement an LGBT rally and march took place during the Pride Festival “Rainbow over the Dniester”. About 100 persons participated in the event titled “LGBT for Traditional Values”, including GENDERDOC-M staff members and volunteers, the Dutch Member of EU Parliament Marije Cornelissen, representatives of Moldovan civil society, Embassies of Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Italy and others, OSCE Mission to Moldova, Council of Europe, EU Delegation to Moldova, various departments of UN Office in Moldova, friends and allies of LGBT people.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Ghelici: “The one who doesn’t come out to rally on Sunday is a homosexualist”
Fiodor Ghelici’s Moldova Mea (My Moldova) movement has distinguished itself once again. On the occasion of the annual LGBT Pride Festival “Rainbow over the Dniester” held in Chisinau and its accompanying events, Ghelici suggests all Moldovan men coming out to a rally “against propaganda of homosexualism”. “The one who is not with us is a homosexual!” appeal to the society “owners of Moldova”. Some may respond to this urge but, gentlemen, you are militant homophobes in any way!
   Pride-2013 : Day five: Strength is in partnership. Part 2
The penultimate day of the Rainbow over the Dniester 2013 Festival promised to be rich in events. In the first half of Saturday, 18 May, in a conference room of one of Chişinău hotels began the four-hour conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of GENDERDOC-M Information Centre. Representatives of almost all partner organizations, who the Moldovan centre had cooperated over the years, were invited to participate in the event. In the evening, guests and participants of the pride festival had the chance to get acquainted with the work of the wonderful teatru-spălătorie theatre company by watching performance “Dragă Moldova, putem să ne pupăm puţin de tot?”
   Pride-2013 : Day five: Strength is in partnership. Part 1
The penultimate day of the Rainbow over the Dniester 2013 Festival promised to be rich in events. In the first half of Saturday, 18 May, in a conference room of one of Chişinău hotels began the four-hour conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of GENDERDOC-M Information Centre. Representatives of almost all partner organizations, who the Moldovan centre had cooperated over the years, were invited to participate in the event. In the evening, guests and participants of the pride festival had the chance to get acquainted with the work of the wonderful teatru-spălătorie theatre company by watching performance “Dragă Moldova, putem să ne pupăm puţin de tot?”
   Pride-2013 : Day Four: How Moldovan society learns tolerance
The next day of the Festival “Rainbow over the Dniester 2013” fell on Friday, May 17th, when the world marks the International Day against Homophobia. On this occasion, GENDERDOC-M staff, representatives of Moldovan LGBT community and human rights activists from different countries gathered at two events that demonstrate a certain degree of tolerance of Moldovan society.
   Pride-2013 : Day Three: Down with prejudices!
15 years ago, with its mere establishment, GENDERDOC-M Information Centre began breaking down stereotypes and views of post-Soviet population on the surrounding ambience. One of the most “sincere” discoveries for society was attempts of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals to declare themselves and come out to a peaceful demonstration within the Festival “Rainbow over the Dniester”. However, activists have in stock other opportunities to break down prejudices. For example, by carrying out educational and information seminars or by organizing so-called Human Libraries.
   Pride-2013 : Day Two: To accept, one needs to learn and understand
It has long been proven that the more truthful and correct information is provided to society the more open, friendly and tolerant it becomes. The organisers of the Festival “Rainbow over the Dniester 2013” decided to devote the second day of pride event to educational and information activities. They also decided to show that the statistics, saying that allegedly 95 percent of our compatriots have homophobic attitudes, simply lies.
   Pride-2013 : Day One: Rainbow flag raising, wedding and same-sex family in the eyes of photographer
Tuesday, 14 May, saw official opening of the 12th LGBT Community Pride Festival in Moldova “Rainbow over the Dniester”. Traditionally, Pride whose slogan this year was “Partnership is a key success!” kicked off with a press conference and solemn rainbow flag-rosining ceremony symbolizing diversity, unity and equality.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Eurovision Song Contest winner sends message of support to gay people in Moldova
The 2012 Eurovision Contest Winner, Loreen, recorded a video message of support for gays and lesbians in Moldova. “All my gay sisters and my gay brothers, be proud of who you are no matter what anybody says. What you are is everything. It is normal. I love you and I promise you that it gets better”, stated Swedish artist for website.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Taboo on discrimination. Since 1 January 2013 Law on Ensuring Equality is in force.
Presumable the Law on Ensuring Equality guarantees equal right in political, economic, social, cultural and other spheres of life to everybody. With the same purpose, there was introduced official liability for discriminatory activity in February. Reckless behavior of employers, officials, journalists and entrepreneurs may lead to serious punishment.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Socialists lodged a bill on repealing Law on Ensuring Equality in Parliament, thus launching election campaign
In the bill authors’ opinion, the law discredits moral principles of society and represents danger for family values. The Socialists claim that some European Union member states do not have a law on equality.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Human rights defenders won another lawsuit – against Vitalie Marian’s ‘black list’
In December, we already wrote about several major lawsuits won by GENDERDOC-M activists. Today, there is another reason to rejoice. On 12 February, Riscani District Court of Chisinau released a judgment in favour of the plaintiffs.
   Lobby & Advocacy : After 15 years of fight, on 14 February 2013 LGBT community realized their constitutional right to freedom of assembly
Yesterday, a march of LGBT individuals and their allies took place in Chisinau. Its route lied along the central boulevard of the capital city. In total, eight people participated in the march. It seems there is nothing peculiar in this. It is enough for everybody just to notify the city authorities.
   Lobby & Advocacy : After hearing in Bălţi Court of Appeals several individuals were escorted to police department to give explanations
In April 2012, GENDERDOC-M, the LGBT advocacy organisation, lodged a lawsuit demanding repeal of the City Council’s decision on “Proclaiming the city of Bălţi a zone of support for Moldovan Orthodox Church and inadmissibility of aggressive propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation”. Later, the Bishop of Bălţi and Făleşti Markel entered the case as an accessory intervener.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Moldovan LGBT Youth Has a New Resource of Support
A new project aimed at preventing suicide contemplation and attempts among LGBT youth in Moldova, as well as at providing them free psychological and legal support, was launched yesterday, February 5th, in Chisinau. It represents a local adaptation of the U.S.-based It Gets Better Project whose main platform is the website – – meaning ‘the equal’ in Romanian language.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Rainbow protest with kisses in front of Russian Embassy in Moldova
“Stop homophobia in Russia” became the main slogan of the protest demonstration held today by staff and volunteers of the GENDERDOC-M Information Centre , as well as members of Moldovan LGBT community and their friends in front of the Russian Embassy in Chisinau. In total, ten people took part in the demonstration.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Gays of third age attended seminar on men’s health, recalled past year’s events and celebrated New Year’s
On 25 December, GENDERDOC-M Information Centre held a seminar for MSM (men who have sex with men) of the third age. It was conducted by an urologist who told about most common health issues among 45-50-year-old men – prostate cancer.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Happy New Year, Dear Friends! Be yourself and certainly happy!
Dear friends and colleagues, 2012 is coming to its end. Very soon our clocks will begin counting days and months of 2013. Contemplating about the past year, we cannot but note that for GENDERDOC-M Information Centre and entire LGBT community, and for the society in general, it was not the worst one. We and entire nation have lived through harder times but we have never put our hands down, because we have always caressed a hope for a brighter future.
   Lobby & Advocacy : UN gave awards to excellent human rights actions in Moldova. Among seven award recipients – GENDERDOC-M Centre and its employee Artiom Zavadovschi
The past Monday, 10 December, entire world community celebrated Human Rights Day established by the UN General Assembly in 1950. The slogan of 2012 campaign suggested by UN was “My Voice Counts”. Within the framework of Human Rights Day celebration, United Nations Office in Moldova gave annual awards to individuals and organisations, who contributed to the expansion of understanding of the Human Rights concept in Moldova in 2012 and who are daily involved in a difficult and risky activity in the field of human rights promotion.
   Lobby & Advocacy : LGBT rights are human rights
On 10 December, the Human Rights Day, GENDERDOC-M Information Centre held a public lection “LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Rights Are Human Rights” together with the International Free University of Moldova (ULIM). The lecture took place in the University Senate Small Auditorium and drew attention of over 60 students from Psychology and Law Departments. The discussion was launched by the Director of ULIM International Cooperation Centre, Vitalie Budeci, who greeted attendees with the Human Rights Day and introduced speakers of the lecture.
   Lobby & Advocacy : Problems of transsexual people are considered at highest level in Moldova
At the beginning of November, human rights defenders became hopeful of winning a lawsuit on the ID changing for transsexuals. As the GENDERDOC-M’s Lobby and Advocacy Program Coordinator Angela Frolov said, there had been four transsexual individuals who submitted two collective court claims with the organisation’s support. However, according to the data of the Supreme Court of Justice, there are other similar suits under examination. These cases tend to be delayed in delivering final judgments because national legislation is vague and does not foresee clear-cut procedures when such cases arise.
   Lobby & Advocacy : A reminder on Human Rights Day: It doesn’t matter who are, but you must respect rights of all citizens
We have said it before that the GENDERDOC-M Information Centre has become seriously engaged with legal regulation of interaction between LGBT people and society. On the one hand, of course, this is done to prove and protect equality of gay, bisexual and transgender people with the rights of the rest of citizens; on the other hand, human rights defenders are forced to defend people from attacks, insults, discriminatory actions and statements, violence, blackmail and other “illegalities”. Sometimes it comes to the fact that not only ordinary citizens allow themselves to step over the common sense, but also the representatives of the political elite, whose opinions and words have a big influence on society.
   Lobby & Advocacy : GENDERDOC-M does everything for the police to protect everybody without exceptions already today
In the already distant 2006, GENDERDOC-M staff held the first training for the police. The practice of raising awareness of the law-enforcement officers with regard to human rights, whose indispensable part is the rights of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people, hasn’t been ceased. However, it was possible only once to gather a group of police officers since then, unfortunately. That’s why, like 6 years ago, the topic of ensuring security and respecting rights of LGBT people is new and timely for representatives of the law-enforcement body.

LGBT Thematic Parties 18+
(in April and May 2014)

Due to the upcoming holidays, the timetable of LGBT thematic parties has been modified. Thus, the next parties take place on 11 April, 2, 18, 23 and 30 May in the ALCATRZ club (Botanica Sector, 1 Independenței Street). Here will continue arm wrestling competitions among women and men.Come by.
It’s going to be fun. Doors open: 22:00
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